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UruguayNow is the first dedicated, constantly updated English-language travel guide to the beautiful and varied country of Uruguay – with a particular focus on Montevideo, its capital city. The guide contains a wealth of practical details on how to make the most of your stay in Montevideo, at the country's beach resorts, and in Uruguay's relatively undiscovered interior.

Whether you are a first-time or regular visitor, we hope that you'll find UruguayNow useful, informative and entertaining.

In this second edition you'll find a range of articles to help you enjoy the best of the Uruguayan summer – from the tradition of Montevideo's carnival (the world's longest) to tips on accommodation and dining at the beach. We also tell the stories of the first tourist resort in Uruguay (clue: it's not at the seaside) and the rise and fall of the golden age of Uruguayan pop music.

As always, for essential tourist information, reviews of Montevideo's accommodation options and its dining scene – and a guide to the city's sights – please click on the buttons at the top of this page.

For features on unusual and distinctive aspects of life in Uruguay, browse through the selection in the middle of our start page. Whether you are thinking of coming to Uruguay for real estate, antiques, football or the high life in Punta del Este, we have something for you.

UruguayNow is also dedicated to searching out excellence in the country's offer of hotels and restaurants. Click here to see our UruguayNow award winners for 2010. The winners for 2011 are due to be announced in March of next year. Until then, we have a long list of restaurants and hotels to inspect on your behalf!

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