Restaurants in Montevideo


Although not as varied as the offer in Buenos Aires, Montevideo’s dining scene has diversified and improved greatly in recent years (see our feature, here). Best deals are at lunchtime (usually 1 pm onwards). Almost all restaurants offer a set lunch, often including a glass of wine and cover charge. Uruguayans dine late, almost never before 9 pm and often not before 10 pm, and still later in the summer months.

Service is generally not included. It is usual to leave 10%, although some Uruguayans leave as little as 5% in simpler eating places. Note that if you pay for food and drink in a restaurant using a credit or debit card issued outside Uruguay, you will be refunded 9% of the bill. This will be visible on your statement as a credit.

Uruguay has excellent sparkling mineral water. Salus is a recommended brand. It is unheard of to order tap water in a restaurant.

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