Entry Requirements

Citizens of EU member states, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (among others) travelling as tourists do not need a visa to enter Uruguay. Visitors receive a tourist card that allows for a stay of up to 90 days. You get an automatic extension by leaving the country and re-entering. You can also obtain an extension from the National Immigration Office at Misiones 1513, at the corner of 25 de Mayo (in Montevideo's Old Town). The cost is under US$20. Be prepared to wait in line.

Immigration at Montevideo's Carrasco international airport is a breeze compared to entering Argentina at Buenos Aires and the chaos that is passport control at Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro airports when two or three aircraft land in quick succession. Customs agents rarely trouble foreign visitors.

Remember that immigration officials have every right to ask you for evidence of funds to cover your stay in the country, and may also ask to see the return portion of your ticket. A departure tax of US$31 is levied on departure if you leave by air (US$17 if you are flying to Buenos Aires). You can pay the tax in pesos.