Most Popular Sports in Uruguay That You Can Try

Most Popular Sports in Uruguay That You Can Try

People who love new adventures will be surprised that Uruguay is a country that is full of activities. They love sports and you will have a plethora of options if this is your interest. Sports enthusiasts will always be looking for new things to do during their holiday to enjoy the trip. When planning your offseason, then all you need is go to shop by this link for the best steroids and pack for Uruguay. Here are the most popular sports and to find them in the country.


This has to be on top of the list. Uruguay is known for football or soccer as commonly known by others. Their national team has always featured in football world cup and other regional tournaments. The country also has other local teams that are doing well. As a tourist to this country, you can either play in the local teams for fun or watch live matches in their different stadiums. They also have football tournaments on the streets and along the beaches that people can try and have fun together.

Bike Riding

Cycling is fun, especially for the whole family. It is popular to see people along the stretching landscapes of Uruguay cycling. If you are a fun, you have hundreds of miles ahead of you to cycle and enjoy. Whether you want to cycle in the city or along the beaches, the choice is yours. They have shops that offer bikes for hire but they will confine you where to cycle. Different groups can come together and compete in this fun sports for all.


People in Uruguay loves kayaking. One will get the sports ongoing in every water body around the country. If you want to have more fun, river kayaking will make your adrenaline shoot high as you maneuver around the rocky rivers. You can either bring your own kayak or hire one from a local shop near the water body. The sport is for those who love adventure that goes beyond the limits. You need to make a choice and have the safety gear on.


Uruguay has some of the best beaches for surfing. They have both high and low tides. All you need is identify the beaches that allow surfing, proof that you can do it and roll with the tide. Starters in surfing can try it near the shores when the tides are low and they have enough supervision. On the other hand, the seasoned ones can enjoy the high tides and surf for as long as they want.

Rock climbing

Away from the water and easy sports, you can choose to take the more challenging rock climbing. The Sierras de la Mahoma hills is an excellent choice for you to try if you have time. The sports calls for some skills and determinations to make it to the top. For those who are confined in time, they have numerous options for climbing gym centers with walls that resemble rock climbing.

With the above sports ready for you, Uruguay may be making your next best destination. However, they have more fun sports than what we have listed here. Research more to find out.

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